The Drop-In Digital Twin


Piecing Together the Data Trail
Every business process leaves a data trail. Most of the data is lost to the void: a dozen different systems or stuck in an old spreadsheet.

Stampede surfaces, unifies, and operationalizes that data.

Stampede is able to trace a single dollar from raw materials through WIP to finished goods and accounts receivable, giving precise views at the cash conversion cycle.

Stampede is able to ingest thousands of pages of operator manuals to minimize unplanned machine downtime.

Stampede can pull historical quoting data and real-time sources of truth to harmonize quoting systems across facilities.

And Stampede can do so much more.


From an ERP to a Self-Driving Data Warehouse
Stampede starts at the Data Layer by mapping out the tens of thousands of raw tables and documents  enterprise IT systems. Stampede discovers referential, statistical, and semantic relationships between data objects which are then grouped together. These form rich business objects.

Stampede then builds a Semantic Layer around these business objects. This layer is the juncture where incoming requests from business users are decomposed and routed.

Via its AI-powered data transformation and indexing, Stampede turns any existing OLTP ERP into a data warehouse.



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Understanding and Unifying Enterprise Scale Data with Generative AI