Stampede OS
Smarter Integration, Enduring Advantage

Data unification

Piecing Together the Data Trail
Every business process leaves a data trail: data entered in siloed sources of truth, left in an email thread, or buried deep in a document or spreadsheet.

Implemented by Bronco's forward-deployed engineers, Stampede OS is the engine that finds, cleans, and layers that data on top of a set of rules and workflows to make the data action-oriented.

By mapping out their key processes, businesses unlock new AI capabilities tailored to them, akin to a new hire referring to SOPs as they learn the job.

Stampede OS rewards businesses for the processes they've already invested in and bootstraps those they haven't yet.


Towards the Self-Driving Enterprise
Stampede starts at the Data Layer by mapping out the tens of thousands of raw tables and documents in enterprise systems. Stampede discovers referential, statistical, and semantic relationships between data objects which form rich business objects.

Stampede then builds a Semantic Layer around these business objects. This layer is the juncture where incoming requests from business users are decomposed and routed.

Stampede then layers on the Kinetic Layer which encodes the logic of how a human or AI should wield the data within a larger value-driving business process.



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Understanding and Unifying Enterprise Scale Data with Generative AI