AI Agents for the Physical Economy

Bronco builds AI Agents that work to keep operations on-time and on-budget, beginning with procurement and supply chain.



Onboarding Our AI
01— Define Tasks

Clients define routines and rulesets for the AI worker to follow in plain English or within our workflow builder.

Monitor – Set up staggered schedules for a human-sounding AI to check-in with suppliers so you always have updated info on costs, lead times, compliance regimes, and more.

React – Configure automatic alerting, logic, or manual-reviews so the AI can take scripted, controlled actions on your behalf or focus your attention onto the most important matters.

All that's needed for deployment is an inbox, a vendor-and-item list, and a few past examples.

02— Deploy, Observe, Improve, Repeat.

The AI Procurement Agent is ready out-of-the-box with advanced data extraction, data manipulation (eg. unit conversion), and communication abilities.

Bronco's deployment strategy and success team helps clients plan the rollout and define behavior for alerts and follow-ups.

The AI will first undergo internal quality evaluations before live deployment, and then do a staggered roll-out to eventually encompass a large swath of the supplier-base.

Bronco is always improving AI and platform capabilities.


Enterprise and Government-Grade Security
01— Least Privilege

From the high-level architecture to granular access controls, Bronco only allows data access when there is a legitimate need.

02— Defense in Depth

Bronco layers security controls and policies so there is no single point of failure across our system. Bronco monitors continuously for system integrity.

03— Held to the Highest Standards

Data will be handled according to SOC II, NIST 800-171, CMMC 2.0 L2, ITAR, and any other requirements. Bronco deploys into secure clouds and on-premise systems.


Building AI for American Industry

If you want to build systems for the tangible, physical economy, Bronco has a place for you.


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