The Force Multiplier for Industrial ERP

Bronco is unifying and making useful every bit of information in the physical economy.

Take back your factory floor.



Enterprise and Government-Grade Security
01— Least Privilege

From the high-level architecture to granular access controls at the row and column level, Bronco only allows data access when there is a legitimate need.

02— Defense in Depth

Bronco layers security controls and policies so there is no single point of failure across our system. Bronco monitors continuously for system integrity.

03— Held to the Highest Standards

Data will be handled according to SOC II, NIST 800-171, CMMC 2.0 L2, ITAR, and any other requirements. Bronco deploys into secure clouds and on-premise systems.


Building AI for American Industry

If you want to build systems for the tangible, physical economy, Bronco has a place for you.


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